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Dew Tour: Sharpe, Bellemare, Harlaut shine in streetstyle and slopestyle

  • Dew Tour: Sharpe, Bellemare, Harlaut shine in streetstyle and slopestyle

Breckenridge has been alight with some serious shredding at Dew Tour. Here’s some of the significant action that’s taken place thus far | By Yvonne Hew

Snowboard Streetstyle started with a 45 minute jam over Washington Ave, concluding on Main Street. Fans lined the streets under yellow streetlights and trucked in stadium lights, while heavy beats played.

Creativity was key and it was up to four-time Streetstyle champ, Darcy Sharpe, to show why he’s been given the moniker, King of Streetstyle. Once again, he was fast, smooth and extremely technical. He landed a cab 270 to lip slide across the open ended dumpster, a switch 180 to layback hand drag (coined by Sage Kotsenburg), and a rail-to-rail 50-50 gap lipslide.

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Jordan Morse and Zac Hale took out the second and third spots on the podium. Best trick went to Frank Bourgeouis for a boardslide gap to lipslide.

Ski Streetstyle was Canadian-dominated. It opened with a 45 minute jam format, and rail-specialist Alex Bellemare let it rip on the course’s seven features. A ridiculous 450 misty flip off of the concrete barrier up rail in the middle of the course helped him walk away with the title and $5,000.

Fellow countrymen Sandy Boville and Alex Beaulieu-Marchand rounded out the Canadian sweep. TimMcChesny skied his way to Best Trick honors, with a mind-bending lip slide 270 on to front swap transfer to 270 out on the lift tower tube to down rail.

Gusty winds plague the Men’s Ski Slopestyle Pro competition, but it didn’t stop Henrik Harlaut from crushing it on the redesigned two-part Slopestyle event. His winning run included a surface swap 360 pretzel 270 out up top, into a left 450 disaster to continued 270 out on the flat down tube, to a flat lip 270 out of the cannon to wall ride.

Øystein Bråten shot from fifth to second with a left switch 45o pretzel 270 out on the bottom feature. Beaulieu-Marchand was the only competitor to podium at two Dew Tour Events taking out third with a switch left 270 on pretzel 450 out of the top down rail and a switch left 270 on and 270 out on the final down flat feature.

Plenty more to come, so stay tuned!


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