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X Games Austin 2016 - No Big Air. Wins for Barros, Caples, Decenzo, Huston

  • X Games Austin 2016 - No Big Air. Wins for Barros, Caples, Decenzo, Huston

Fans are fuming over the Big Air cancellation due to extreme winds and rain. We'll be missing some great action from Tom Schaar, Elliot Sloan and Bob Burnquist. The first two would almost certainly have made it to the podium.

Luckily, most events still took place earlier.

The good-natured rivalry between Pedro Barros and Curren Caples was on, with Barros ultimately winning the gold, and Caples getting the silver. The fans expected it to come down to the wire between these two, who are both equal in terms of skill.

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Chris Russell walked away with the bronze, while Ryan Sheckler ended up with a knee injury.

Amidst a whole lot of nasty weather issues, Ryan Decenzo fought hard to win gold in the men's Skateboard Street final at the 2016 Summer X Games in Austin.

It was rewarding for the fans to see Decenzo win his fifth career X Games medal and his third gold. Decenzo took over the leaderboard with a strong second run, earning the event's highest score with 87.33. After his run, there was another small delay with rain, but things cleared up enough for the other skaters to run.

Nyjah Huston, the defending gold medalist and winner in his last four X Games appearances, was stuck in fifth place heading into the third and final runs.

But as expected, he pulled off a run of 87.00 in the last run of the night to capture the silver medal, showing he's still got plenty left in him. Ishod Wair captured the bronze with a score of 86.66.

Chris Joslin, who led after his first run of 85.33, tried going for big tricks in his second run to take back the lead, but he crashed on his final jump, turning it into a throwaway run, finishing in fourth place.

Other results

Women's Skateboard Street

Gold: Pamela Rosa (best run, 84.33)

Silver: Mariah Duran (78.00)

Bronze: Lacey Baker (77.33)

BMX Park

Gold: Dennis Enarson (best two runs, 70.00)

Silver: Logan Martin (64.00)

Bronze: Kyle Baldock (63.00)

BMX Street

Gold: Garrett Reynolds (best two, 76.00)

SIlver: Sean Ricany (65.00)

Bronze: Broc Raiford (63.00)

Women's Skateboard Park

Gold: Kisa Makamura (best, 84.33)

Silver: Lizzie Armanto (82.66)

Bronze: Jordyn Barratt (78.00)

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