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Margaret River Pro: Battle of Tyler Wright and Courtney Conlogue, highlights

  • Margaret River Pro: Battle of Tyler Wright and Courtney Conlogue, highlights

Competition finally resumed at the Margaret River Pro after two, or was it three, laydays? Lost count?


Tyler Wright won today, somehow managing to stave off a firing Courtney Conlogue, who’s having a fantastic start to the season, following a strong 2015. It's Wright’s second victory of the year after winning the Roxy Pro last month. It all fell into place today - a 18.67 to 10.57 win. “Every wave I had felt dreamy”, she said, relieved.

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     Carissa Moore has disappointingly lost some of the spark that got her that world title last year. She was taken down for the third time this season – going strong early in the day, defeating Bianca Buitendag, but Wright took advantage of the waves a little more, ousting Moore in their semi.

Sally Fitzgibbons is struggling as much as she did last year, or perhaps experiencing highs and lows, just as she did in 2015. She was out-surfed by Tatiana Weston-Webb in their quarter. 

Stephanie Gilmore, despite her unrelenting determination to get over her injuries, couldn't get past the quarters, with Wright powering through. Meanwhile, Laura Enever, who hasn't won a contest since February 2015, let herself down again, against Conlogue. Having said that, Conlogue has been doing a lot of things right since last year, so it was to be expected.


Julian Wilson and Matt Wilkinson were taken down by Joel Parkinson in Heat 1. Gabriel Medina, still trying to repeat his 2014 performance, and Jordy Smith, lost their heat against Kolohe Andino. Nat Young and Adrian Buchan were also early losers. Wilson and Medina will get another chance to battle in another round. 

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