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The most seen social media reactions to Kobe Bryant's last game

  • The most seen social media reactions to Kobe Bryant's last game

Well, the NBA, and fans the world over, have bid adieu to yet another great. So how did the world acknowledge Kobe Bryant’s last game? Social media was in meltdown, and will continue to be a flutter for days to come. Let's check out some of the most viewed reactions to this legend’s retirement.

Baseball players got in on the action.

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Budding NBA stars showed their admiration.

Football players praised their brutha-from-anutha-sporta (so it doesn't sound quite right, but β€˜mutha’ wouldn't have worked either, ok?)

A future WNBA-er demonstrated her appreciation of Kobe's support.

And that other legend, LeBron, kept his emotions in check.

Kobe has been an inspiration - not just to the NBA up-and-comers, but to people over the world. Some have asked that the day be Mamba Day. It could happen.

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