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Ducks clinch playoff berth, Maple Leafs will be better next year

  • Ducks clinch playoff berth, Maple Leafs will be better next year

We were on the edge of our seats. Hearts thumping. Hands sweaty and gross. 

The Anaheim Ducks and Toronto Maple Leafs was a wild game, to say the least. 

There was a lot on the line. 

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Anaheim needed just one point to make the playoffs. The younger Maple Leafs needed to get themselves out of the basement and prove they could play a tougher, savvier opponent. 

Mission accomplished.

The ducks came back from a 4-1 deficit to lead 5-4, only to have the Maple Leafs stick it to them with a 6-5 win in OT.

It doesn't matter that it's the second straight loss for the Ducks. The single point they picked up in Toronto was enough to clinch their fourth playoff berth in a row. To make the playoffs was somewhat of an expectation.

The Ducks seem invincible, because despite their two recent losses to non-playoff teams, word is that theirs is the team to beat in the Western Conference. 

They had a dismal start to the season, sitting at the bottom of the standings. As soon as 2016 started, they began their uphill climb and are now one of the hotter teams in the NHL. 

They've got nine games left, four at home, and are a mere three points behind LA for first place in the Pacific Division.

As for the Leafs, they're tipped to make the playoffs next year. And with stats like these, who can argue?

The young team has learnt a lot, and are very capable of going farther next season.

Bring it on.

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