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The Surfing Violinist - what's next?

  • The Surfing Violinist - what's next?

While we're in that awkward break between the end of the last surf season and the start of the next, it's an ideal time to talk about a different kind of surfing. The kind where you, oh, play a violin while big-wave surfing?

That's exactly what Portuguese local Nuno Santos does. The man is on a mission. He started to make a name for himself after dreaming up a project a few years ago - A Violin in the Most Unlikely Places. He's played his violin in the most unusual, un-play-some-music locations. “Extreme environments, places that are hard to reach, where I have to challenge myself”, he explains. 

He started playing the violin when he was five years old. Started surfing at eight. Now he's conquered the mountains. Forests. Cliffs. And he's moving on to the ocean. And not just any ocean. His ultimate goal is to set a world record by playing a famous song while surfing Portugal’s biggest wave, his 56 foot home break. This will happen sometime in a couple of months when conditions are just right. He's awaiting the rights to play this song, which most of us are probably familiar with. It's still ‘hush hush’, but we only know it's by a band, not a solo artist.

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With his ability to multitask, could this guy actually be better than the pros? Perhaps the WSL could consider a ‘talent’ section at each stop on the CT. The pros doing a little juggling? Tap dancing? Playing the trumpet? 

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