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What to expect from week 16 - Seahawks, Panthers, Vikings expected to win

  • What to expect from week 16 - Seahawks, Panthers, Vikings expected to win

It’s almost week 16 and we know half the playoff field has been decided. There’s relief in the NFC, for fans of the Panthers, Cardinals, Seahawks and Packers – playoff berths are guaranteed. In the AFC, the only certainties, not surprisingly, are the Patriots and Bengals. The battle for the rest of the top seed positions is still very much on, with the Steelers, Broncos and Texans having an awful lot at stake

New England (12-2) at New York Jets (9-5)

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About five weeks ago, no one would’ve the Patriots could possibly lose against the Jets. Now, the Jets are the second hottest team in the AFC after winning four in a row. And recently, the Patriots have struggled in New York. Last year, they were 12-4 and yet barely managed 17-16 against a 4-12 Jets. In 2013, the Jets beat the Patriots at home, 30-27, and most recently, they almost lost to the Giants! The pick: Jets 26-24 over Patriots

Carolina (14-0) at Atlanta (7-7)

Last week, we truly believed the Giants would be the ones to bring the Panthers down. And they very nearly did. Remember, they only won by a few points, which could mean two things – they're losing steam, or they're going to work harder than ever to make sure they don't end their win streak. Atlanta lost to the Panthers only two weeks ago, and while they’ve improved over the last 14 days, it's safe to assume the Panthers will get this one too. The pick: Panthers 30-21 over Falcons 

St Louis (6-8) at Seattle (9-5)

Russel Wilson is back to his usual self. He threw eight touchdown passes in his last two games, and two of them connecting with Doug Baldwin, which made his presence known. Seattle’s without Marshawn Lynch and Jimmy Graham, but division-rival, St. Louis have the ability to slow Wilson down. After all, they’re the sixth-ranked defense. However, as history has shown, Seattle can do incredibly well as playoffs loom. They've been doing just that. The pick: Seattle 27-12 over Rams

Cincinnati (11-3) at Denver (10-4)

While the Broncos are third-seeded, many are beginning to realise they might not hold onto this position unless they get their act together. A few of us honestly felt they could beat the Steelers last Sunday, and up until somewhere in the third, it actually looked like they would! Has anyone realised the Broncos haven't scored in the second half of the last three games? They have a new nickname – First Half Broncos. And with Osweiler’s shoulder issue, offense remains questionable. Again. The pick: Bengals 19-16 over Broncos.

Green Bay (10-4) at Arizona (12-2)

Some say this is a preview of the NFC championship game. A few have even gone so far as to call the Cardinals “the team to beat” in the conference. Back in the day, playing against Aaron Rodgers before the playoffs was once a good way to see if you were on track, but now, not so much. To top it off, he and coach Mike McCarthy haven't been seeing eye to eye lately – a bad thing when McCarthy’s calling the offensive plays. The pick: Cardinals 36-33 over Packers

New York Giants (6-8) at Minnesota (9-5) 

Vikings (the team and actual Vikings) were made for cold weather. It's supposed to be 25 degrees on Sunday, which means fans will be wearing about four layers of clothing. It also means Minnesota is more likely to win. In the last 10 regular season games that started at 30 degrees or below, the Vikings have rushed for more yardage than their opponent. The Giants playoff flame is very dim. Any more mistakes, and it will be snuffed out. The pick: Vikings 24-20 over Giants

The rest

Raiders 24-17 over Chargers

Chiefs 34-20 over Browns

Texans 16-13 over Titans

Lions 23-16 over 49ers

Dolphins 20-17 over Colts

Bills 23-13 over Cowboys

Bears 24-23 over Bucs

Steelers 31-13 over Ravens

Saints 30-27 over Jaguars 

Redskins 30-26 over Eagles

Washington (7-7) at Philadelphia (6-8)

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