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What it will take for the Patriots to hold onto its winning streak against the Bills...

  • What it will take for the Patriots to hold onto its winning streak against the Bills...

They may have finally slipped past their biggest NFC nemesis, the New York Giants, but the New England Patriots now have bigger concerns.

When they face old foes, Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills, on Monday, they'll need to work harder than ever. Holes have been burned in the Patriots’ lineup, as a string of injuries has plagued the team over the past couple of weeks. 

So far, there hasn't been an effect on this 9-0 team. But every team, even the best ones, has a breaking point. First, it was the loss of running back Dion Lewis. Then wide receiver Julian Edelman went down and now we’re left wondering if the league’s best offense can uphold their winning streak with 11 injured players. Tom Brady may be able to pull his offensive line together, and Danny Amendola is a good backup for Edelman, but can New England continue functioning at a leading level without two of its most dangerous horizontal threats?

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With no injuries in Week 2, the Pats annihilated the Bills’ strong defense, ending in 40 points and 507 total yards. Those figures remain the worst for the Bills’ defense this season. 

Most would agree New England will attempt a repeat performance, and it's totally possible to be complacent considering they're one of the two still perfect teams in the league. But no one can deny the squad will not be at the same level it was when they last played the Bills. They need to play like they're not the best, because this could be when Buffalo fights back, who knows? After all, stranger things have happened.

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