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Can the Panthers remain unbeaten against the Redskins?

  • Can the Panthers remain unbeaten against the Redskins?

If the Carolina Panthers were paying attention to Monday night's Bengals-Texans game, they'll know they still need to be cautious when they face the Washington Redskins. Their fellow unbeaten team, the Bengals were tipped to win. Heck, everyone just expected it. But now, Bengals fans are smarting from the loss, and they all apparently hate J.J. Watt. 

A team may be outstanding, but they will slip up eventually. The only team that didn't, were the Miami Dolphins, waaaay  back in 1972. Home games are certainly no guarantee of a win, as the 2005 Colts, 13-0, will attest to after losing to the Chargers on home ground. The 10-0 2008 Titans lost to the Jets at home. And the 14-0 2009 Colts lost to the Jets at home too. You get the picture. History is full of unbeaten teams losing a home game to a team that wasn't favored. 

Washington just came off a win against New Orleans. Everyone agreed it was their best performance this season. Confidence is high. They're only one win away from being a tied lead in the NFC East. 

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However, Washington has allowed 150 or more yards rushing in five straight games. Match that against Carolina’s 100 or more rushing yards in 20 games, and Carolina perhaps needn't be concerned. Not to mention the fact that Washington hasn't won against Carolina since 2006. 

The Redskins have improved this season, doing their best since the 2012 playoffs. There has been a glimpse of Kirk Cousins’ abilities, but the team still needs work.

There's no sure thing in the NFL, so if Cam Newton wants to keep dancing in the end zone, he and the Panthers can't allow complacency. Will they slip up? We’ll find out soon.

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