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Top endorsement earners in the NFL - the surprising list

  • Top endorsement earners in the NFL - the surprising list

You may be surprised at the names appearing on the list of top endorsement earners. Or at the very least, the order in which they appear.

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Despite Peyton Manning’s on-field performances being questioned constantly since the season started, he still tops the list. He earned a comfortable $12 million in 2015 after signing deals with Papa Johns, Buick, Nike, Gatorade, Nationwide, DirecTV and more. Manning’s nice-and-serious-yet-so-funny demeanour make him a marketer’s dream.

Second on the list is Drew Brees, earning $11 million from Verizon, Wrangler, Pepsi, Nike and P&G.

And here come the surprising figures.

Little Manning, Eli, is third on the list, raking in $8 million.

Next are Aaron Rodgers ($7.5 million), J.J. Watt ($7 million) and Russell Wilson ($6.5 million).

Tom Brady didn’t get to top the off-field stats though, coming in at no. 7 with $6 million, followed by Marshawn Lynch and Tony Romo, both earning $5 million.

Watt and Lynch are the only non-quarterbacks on this list, and Watt at least has the honour of being the highest-paid non-quarterback as well. Not too shabby…

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to put on my Nikes, drive my Buick over to Papa Johns for some pizza, then wash it all down with some of Peyton’s favorite orange Gatorade.

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