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French waves mean unpredictable results - Quiksilver Pro France

  • French waves mean unpredictable results - Quiksilver Pro France

Hossegor is the French version of Pipeline. Constantly shifting peaks, wide strips of fast moving water, a high tide that produces a shore break to easily rival the best beaches on the planet. Sitting on your board, waiting for the sets to roll in… It won't happen. You have to actively seek out the best waves, and after awhile, it seems like they'll never come. This is what makes the Quiksilver Pro France one of the most exciting contests to watch. 

It gets windy here - the direction and speed changes throughout the day so no three surfers will experience the same conditions. The last heat of the day will look so different to the first, you'll think it's a different day altogether. When there's a light breeze, it will resemble Trestles. When the waves swell, you'll swear it's J-Bay. 

The race for the world title is still an open one, so with that in mind let's look at some highlights from Day 1 (and yeah, they'll be updated!). As you'd expect from an unpredictable location, some of the results are a surprise.

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Filipe Toledo and Adam Melling were taken down by Tomas Hermes.

Julian Wilson was, according to the WSL, “on fire” defeating Miguel Pupo and Aritz Aranbaru and scoring a 9.50 on one wave. Perhaps it's his recent engagement that's got him all fired up…

Brett Simpson took down Kelly Slater and Jadsen Andre, so that was obviously a big deal for him. Mick Fanning had an easy day, taking down Michel Bourez, who hasn't been having the most fantastic season, and local surfer Maxime Huscenot. 

Gabriel Medina is looking back in form defeating Matt Wilkinson and Dusty Payne. Meanwhile John John Florence stunned with a 9.93 (classic JJ!) and Alejo Muniz wowed us with a 9.10.

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