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2015 NFL uniforms: Early observations - the good and the downright ugly

  • 2015 NFL uniforms: Early observations - the good and the downright ugly

While our eyes are watching the football, our brains are, most likely, noticing those changes in uniforms. Some are for the better, others just make us cringe. So what's the general consensus amongst fans? With all teams unveiling, or about to unveil, alternates and throwbacks, let’s have a look at some of the worst and best changes.


Cleveland Browns: Like, wow, ‘Browns’ in huge lettering on the pants? Bright orange numbers? We can forgive them for the numbers, as Cleveland coaches reportedly have a tough time identifying players when reviewing tape. But overall, the uniforms make them look like they came out of the Arena League, or as one person said, like a “prison team”.

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San Fransico 49ers: While Cleveland tried to make it easier to identify players, San Francisco went out of their way to make it harder. Red on black was a way to boost jersey sales, according to some. Well, they tried a black uniform a decade ago, and it didn't work then, why would it work now? Frankly, red on an all-black ensemble doesn't say ‘victorious’, but ‘ominous’. Give us the classic red with gold helmets any day!

All that Gold

The Super Bowl’s golden anniversary means that practically everything is gold. Gold logos, gold-accented team gear, gold numerals for the 50-yard line markers, gold Twitter avatars… Donald Trump’s gaudy gold-encrusted apartment comes to mind.


Tennessee Titans: in a move that was probably met with sighs of relief, Tennessee have redesignated navy blue as their primary color for home jerseys. Baby blue for a bunch of macho football players was absurd.

Miami Dolphins: Their new throwbacks will be rolled out on Dec 14 against the Giants, and their vibrant turquoise/white sure looks good. The only problem – it will be more obvious than ever that the team’s redesign in 2013 was a let-down.

Denver Broncos: Not everyone can pull off orange, but they've got it right by pairing it with navy blue alternate jerseys. It's a pity they're only wearing them twice – once with white/orange pants and once with navy/orange.

So that's the early opinions from fans all over. We'll check back every few weeks just to see what made us smile, and what made us shudder...

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