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Tim Tebow is financially good for Dallas Cowboys

  • Tim Tebow is financially good for Dallas Cowboys

Tony Romo is out. For at least eight weeks. The Dallas Cowboys may have won but when Romo broke his collarbone, that win sure came at a cost. Or did it? 

Yes, Brandon Weeden did a commendable job replacing Romo, completing all seven attempts for 73 yards and a touchdown, but some were disappointed that he failed to move the offence. He’ll need a reliable backup, and who was suggested by Texas Governor Greg Abbott? None other than Tim Tebow, everyone's favorite free agent. 

Social media went aflutter as Tebow’s name was bandied about, and rightfully so. The guy has a few million fans, unsigned or not.

Financially, it makes a lot of sense for the Cowboys to sign him. Why? They'll get him for “cheap”, according to one analyst. A one-year deal will only cost them $700,000. Petty change for the richest team in the league.

Tebow was a solid all-round QB during the preseason with Philadelphia, showing major improvement to his arm and legs. That ability makes him a double-threat and an offensive weapon for the Cowboys if Weeden struggles with high-level playing.

So, now begins the wait to see whether Tebow gets another chance.

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