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Mick Fanning and Carissa Moore win Hurley Swatch Pro 2015 - enough for the title?

  • Mick Fanning and Carissa Moore win Hurley Swatch Pro 2015 - enough for the title?

Hurley Pro

Mick Fanning has won the Hurley Pro final over current Jeep ratings leader, Adriano de Souza.

The early prediction was that Filipe Toledo and Fanning would be the finalists. The analysts were half right.

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Fanning took down Adrian Buchan in the quarterfinals, while Gabriel Medina got the win over Nat Young.

Last year, Medina would've been expected to win against Fanning, but the situation is vastly different this year. Fanning defeated Medina in the semis, with an impressive 9.07 and 9.10. 

De Souza mowed down Wigolly Dantas in the quarters, then easily ended Toledo’s chance at the finals. It now raises questions as to whether he can still be the younger version of Medina as so many had predicted. 

Meanwhile, is De Souza still the leader?

Swatch Women's Pro 

Carissa Moore won the Swatch Women’s Pro, meaning Bianca Buitendag once again missed out on a win.

Buitendag and Lakey Peterson are on equal footing this season, both with ups and downs. Today, the latter lost to the former in their quarterfinal.

With a loss against Dimity Stoyle in the heats, Moore was vindicated when she ousted Stoyle in their semi, going on to win the final against Buitendag. Moore is now resembling her successful 2014 self, but does she still have a chance at the world title?

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