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The Broncos (and Peyton) are back!

  • The Broncos (and Peyton) are back!

It was a huge night for two reasons. The Denver Broncos fought hard to make it a stunning comeback win 31-24 against the Kansas City Chiefs. And Peyton Manning put an end to the negative comments about his career by surpassing 70,000 career yards, second only to Brett Favre.

Broncos coach Gary Kubiak made the right move, allowing Manning to “do those things he's done better than anybody else”. 

With the a Broncos in a three-wide set for eight of the drive’s 10 plays, they made a 16-yard pass to Emmanuel Sanders, going 80 yards for a touchdown. Next Aqib Talib ended the Chiefs’ possession with an interception. 

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It looked like the Chiefs would be victorious. Until halftime. But even then, the game wasn't decided until Bradley Roby returned a Chiefs fumble for a score with a mere 27 seconds remaining. Manning guided an 80-yard, game-tying scoring drive. He spent much of the remainder of the night in the shotgun, working the short and intermediate routes between the numbers with three wide receivers. He finished 26-of-45 for 256 yards, ending the night with three touchdowns.

The game, many agreed, was like a big flashback to Manning’s first three seasons with the Broncos. Criticism of his offensive line, arm and age have been put on hold as he has proven once again, that he can guide his team to victory. 

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