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One comeback, one retirement - Hurley/Swatch Pro 2015 (Updated)

  • One comeback, one retirement - Hurley/Swatch Pro 2015 (Updated)

(Updated results) It's hard to believe that the Hurley Pro and Swatch Women’s Pro are upon us again. Time flies when you're surfing. Or not.

The attention-grabbing news this time around? Bethany Hamilton competing post-baby for the first time, and Freddy Patacchia Jr retiring.

Hamilton’s already known for being one strong and determined individual – surfing competitively despite losing her arm to a shark when she was 14. Now, competing after giving birth just three months ago? That's rare in the surfing world.

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Meanwhile, Patacchia Jr withdrew from the event, and announced his retirement. How he did it was classic. Round 1 heat against Gabriel Medina. As we’d expect, Medina was leading. Then Patacchia scored an 8.8, then… a perfect 10. After which he headed straight to the beach to announce his retirement. After 11 years, this CT staple retired like a boss.

Some results from Hurley Pro: John John Florence, Gabriel Medina, Miguel Pupo and Filipe Toledo won their Round 2 heats. Aussies are doing better this time round with Bede Durbridge and Joel Parkinson winning their heats.

Some results from Swatch Women's Pro: Lakey Peterson is through after taking down Malia Manuel. Tatiana Weston-Webb defeated Bianca Buitendag. Carissa Moore and Sally Fitzgibbons are safely through, and Courtney Conlogue continues her winning streak against Bethany Hamilton and Nikki van Dyke.

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