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SLVSH Cup - the best thing to happen to skiing since...

  • SLVSH Cup - the best thing to happen to skiing since...

SLVSH debuted only last fall, but the freeski video competition series already has thousands of fans. And now, this concept, the brainchild of Olympic champ Joss Christensen and Matt Walker, has branched out into the first ever SLVSH Cup. 

It's basically a real-time competition of the filmed one-on-one park duels. The result? An exciting alternative to standard Slopestyle competitions we've become familiar with. It's terrain-park riding taken to a whole new level.

The competition is on right now at Perisher, Australia, but it could take about a week or more to complete since only two games can be filmed a day. We're already on Day 5 of the weather window. Now that’s a lot of waiting around. 

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Videos will drop after each game has taken place, and the level of skill is evidently high. “We experienced our longest game in the quarters, which beat the previous record by 15 tricks,” said Walker. “I’m very stoked on how it’s going, the park that Perisher has built and, above all, the level of riding in the Cup has been unreal.”

We’ll see Christensen, Walker, Chris Laker, Jossi Wells, Evan McEachran, Russ Henshaw, James Woods and Tom Wallisch battle it out.

Now all we have to do is wait and see who ends up the ultimate victor. Check out the action at SLVSH!

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